See The Shocking Secret Nathaniel Bassey Revealed Following The Death Of Pastor Dare Adeboye

The news of the passing of Pastor Adeboye’ s son Dare Adeboye, came as a shock to everyone, as no one could believe that the son of one of the most popular religious fathers in Nigeria would be gone too soon.

Earlier this week, Nigerians were shocked when they received the news that one of the sons of Pasto E. A Adeboye passed away in his sleep.

Nigerians paid their condolences to the Pastor, as so many people were able to see the light of God through Pastor E. A Adeboye, and so many others who were touched by Pastor Dare Adeboye too offered their condolences.

Pastor Dare Adeboye was laid to rest on Wednesday, where his 35- year- old wife offered one of the most heartbreaking farewell speeches, and everyone present were all moved to tears, not only because of her speech, but also because of the fact that the person who was being laid to rest, Pastor Dare Adeboye, was someone who they loved, respected and looked up to.

And still, during the period of mourning, it was revealed that Pastor Dare Adeboye had passed away for over 24 hours before he was publicly announced dead, as reports revealed that powerful pastors across the country joined all formed a conference and they prayed non- stop for over 24 hours having faith that the Lord would bring him back to life.

But it was too late, God had already signed off on it and nothing could be done to change God’ s will.

Famous gospel singer and Pastor, Nathaniel Bassey further revealed saying: ” We went on praying for over 24 hours, hoping that the Lord would bring Pastor Dare back to life, even though he has been laid to rest, I still have faith that a miracle can happen” .


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