Home CELEBRITY GIST SHOCKING! See What Northern Leaders Are Secretly Planning As Regards Nigeria’s Break Up (Must Read)

SHOCKING! See What Northern Leaders Are Secretly Planning As Regards Nigeria’s Break Up (Must Read)

by Terrydicos

SHOCKING! See What Northern Leaders Are Secretly Planning As Regards Nigeria’s Break Up (Must Read)

Rashidi Ladoja, a former governor of Oyo State, stated on Thursday that while people in the south talk about self- determination, northerners are covertly planning to leave Nigeria.

He backed up his claims by questioning the utility of the railway built in the north to connect the Niger Republic and talks of constructing a refinery in Daura, Katsina.

The former governor also urged Nigerians to be more patient, saying that the current unpleasant situation would pass in two years.

While the South- West and South- East were more vociferous in their demands for Oduduwa Republic and Biafra Republic, the elder statesman claimed that the North had been quietly working toward the prospect of an Arewa Republic.

Talks of secession, he claims, can lead to a conflict, as it has in Syria now.

Ladoja said this in an interview with journalists after attending the Eid- el- Fitr prayer at the University of Ibadan Central Mosque in Bodija, Ibadan, the Oyo State capital.

” Let’ s start with tolerance, ” says the author. People will talk to a certain extent, but we only know the start of a battle, not the end. Nobody will remember how Syria’ s civil war began, yet it has been ongoing for years. And all they’ ve constructed is being demolished. As a result, I believe we should proceed with caution. We have begun the democratic process. We are dissatisfied with the current situation.

” However, the Quran states that there will come a time when God will not provide you with good leaders; there will be a time when God will provide you with leaders who are not as good because He wants you to see the difference. We should expect this to pass as well. It all began about six years ago. It will be gone in two years.

” If you say you want to go or don’ t want to go because of that, who tells you the North isn’ t even getting ready to go? ” Let’ s look at it this way: people in the south talk too much, and people in the north act too much.

” We talk too much in Yorubaland. The North is likewise preparing to depart and is hard at work. Do you think it’ s a mistake that they’ re building a railway to Niger Republic when we haven’ t built one from Ibadan to Kano, let alone Abuja, and they’ ve indicated it’ ll be the first place they spend their money?

” Isn’ t it possible to rehabilitate the refinery in Kaduna? Why are they claiming that another refinery will be built in Daura (Katsina State)? They’ d also be transporting crude oil from the Niger Republic to the location. Don’ t let us fool ourselves; perhaps there may be a moment when we can all sit down together and separate peacefully. “

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