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Sunday Igboho Reveals Reason For Rain And Thunderstorm In Osun Rally

by Terrydicos

Sunday Igboho Reveals Reason For Rain And Thunderstorm In Osun Rally

reports that Sunday Igboho has spoken on the significance of the thunderstorm and rain that fell at the rally ground for Yoruba Nation in Osun on Saturday.

Igboho, who spoke through his spokesperson, Koikimedia revealed that the rain has proven that God is in total support of Yoruba nation because if not for it, some agitators would have been attacked yesterday.
‘’After the Iya-Loja speech, the cloud was dark to rain. So many times, we think God does back not knowing that all His doings is in our favour. The would have been an attack on the Agitators yesterday is not for the rain that started which made Chief Sunday Adeyemo igboho find his way to the Ataoja Of Osogbo which was his secondary reason for the visitation’’

During the rally, it was reported that a DSS Operative was arrested after he was caught trying to bug the vehicles of Sunday Igboho.

‘’A man named Mr Seun Olayinka was captured by the Agitators, who later confessed that he was sent by the federal government to take pictures of the vehicles that converged the Agitators including the vehicle of the great activist Chief Sunday Adeyemo igboho Oosa.

Mr Seun Olayinka, a resident of Osogbo.. who is a DSS official as has been working with the Department of State Service for about 6 years was seen by the Yoruba Nation Intelligence Men.. of a truth, he wasn’t beaten or tortured because he is a Yoruba Man.. He was released immediately just after the interrogation.

The information of him being captured got to the DSS office which made them come searching the vehicles parked in king palace. They opened fire in the palace and which made the Agitators react to their gun shots.

Some of them are Yoruba’s, so for this sake they couldn’t lay hands on them.

Chief Sunday Igboho pleaded with the Agitators not to fight with the DSS operatives since their men have been released even before they came to the palace.

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