There is a big question that we must collectively answer out of our passion to see a better Nigeria. How did we get here? We all have contributed to this menace we are experiencing now.

The elders ,the women ,the youths and the children has contributed to where we are today but we must not shy away from the fact that the father is suppose to be the head of the family but if the father fails to carry out his fatherhood responsibilities, then the reflection of that will be seen on the children.

We got our independence in the year 1960 and Nigerian choose to be a democratic nation in the year 1999. What have we achieved so far between the year 1999 to 2021. We must asked ourselves that question.

From Olusegun obasanjo ,Musa Ya’adua , Goodluck Jonathan and to Muhammadu Buhari ,what has Nigeria achieved in 22years of electing a democratic Leader?

But the truth must be told, nothing has been achieved. Just cogitate deeply and you would realize that we have achieved nothing.

Do we know have our own refinery? No Has the educational system improved? No. Has terrorism stopped? No Has unemployment reduced? No. Do we now have a good transportation scheme in Nigeria? No.How good is our road Network? Very bad. Has the power supply improved ? No. Etc

Can you see that we have achieved nothing ever since the inception of this democratic system. I can tell you that this is the worst government I have experienced in my entire life.

Sometimes I find it difficult to concor if some of our leaders have conscience at all. More than a 100 young people were murdered on the 20th of oct, 2020 because they were asking for good governance.

A democratic system you call it !!! Are we in a democratic system Where men in uniform molest and intimidate citizens because they clamor of good leadership?

A democratic system where over a 100 of young people were massacred because they are demanding for a better system. Is that not crazy?

A democratic system you call it where we prefer to use military men on civilians than bandits and terrorist.

A democratic system you call it where no one is allowed to look into the president face and tell him you are wrong sir.

A democratic system where a rejected candidate will become the elected candidate. That’s what we call democratic system. This is where that democratic system has led us.

That democratic system has led us into the wilderness where there is no food, water ,cloth. Inflation has taken over the market , terrorism , killing, kidnapping, tribalism , nepotism , religious war , territorial war has been the activities of the day.

The class of the grabbers of has taken over the system ,the class of the distracted don’t have the strength to demand for good governance and when they summoned the courage to demand for good governance ,they were killed like rat and some had to run for their lives.what a democratic nation!!!

You don’t expect people to be suffering while you are wearing gold chains , expensive wrist watches , driving private jet , sleeping in the best houses,driving one of most expensive cars with the people’s resources and you don’t want them to ask you why you’re leading us this way. The resources of this country is our inheritance and it belongs to us all.

We are govern with nothing .it is just a one man rule. Oh you want to talk about the constitution ,that’s not constitution, that note book was designed to put this nation on her feet. Our constitution must be design with our system. Everyone must be under the constitution and not above the constitution.

People are escaping from this country to survive especially the youths .Is it not shameful to see people denying their country because she has failed them? Is it not shameful to see people protesting against you because you have failed them and you still ask security agencies to stop them from agitating?. can anyone live a thousand years again? A lot of questions are on ground to be answered.

Is it not better to go our separate ways? This marriage has led us to doom. We are bitterly suffering in the hand of a dictator who cares about nothing. When are we going to be free?

But I am very sure that every generation will have someone that will stand for others.

Am I supposed to be afraid to die in the hand of a dictator? How much do I have in my account self? What about those that were murdered on the 20th of oct ,2020 ?Are they not human? Are they not citizens of this country? What has this system offered me rather than depression and anger


Fowobaje oluwaseun Gbenga Popejero

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