”If your action inspire others to dream more , learn more ,do more and become more ,you are a leader”

The emergence of great leaders in the history of the world has provided tutelage for younger ones to learn from them.

It is good to be identified with great leaders who have contributed to the progress of the universe rather than those whose interest is to fill their stomach.

Sequel to the press statement issued on the 29th of June ,2021 by one Mr. Adebowale Akinlosotu under the platform of Nigerian youth congress which was posted on Facebook as a resolution made by their so called NWC.

It is so highly exasperating, disgusting and sardonic to see a 21st century organization being run on Facebook.

We all know that Nigerian youth congress is a self established organization by the embattled Mr. blessing Adebowale Akinlosotu to fill his pocket due to his loggerhead with the national youths council of Nigeria by sidelining the main people on the certificate of registration who are legitimate founders. The legitimate founder are the ones that can seat as board to make decisions not Facebook.

“The world is bad not because of the evil ones but the silent of the good ones”

How can we allow the manifestation of a betrayer in the system?

Your agenda is to create an avenue to cash out from the embattled senator Ajayi boroffice who have been experiencing some lashes from the students and youths stakeholders recently due to his poor performances in the office for the last 10years. The Ondo State chapter of Nigerian youth congress has spoken on behalf of other groups and the resolution stand. Mind you , the Nigeria youth congress was never part of the committee in but the resolution was from the committee

A wise president could have investigated the subject matter to see if the allegations are true or not but you will not do that because you are always interested in your stomach. Do you even have the Integrity to dissolve a working structure? Have you forgotten your antecedent lately? You started having issues with the state chairman because he worked assiduously for the executive governor of Ondo State while you choose Zenith Labour Party because of your pocket.

Politics is all about interest and you should also understand better. An uninaugurated president cannot dissolve. You called yourself an acting president who should have been dissolved some months ago but you won’t because of your stomach infrastructure orientation. “He who comes into equity must come with clean hands”

You have been recognized as a betrayer ,Maybe I should remind you a little.

You betrayed the immediate past publicity secretary of the APC Mr. Omooba, You also betrayed members of the National Youths council of Nigeria and formed a self acclaimed organization called Nigeria youths congress.

Maybe you forgotten that Mrs. Betty Akeredolu supported your dreams with fund and energy yet you betrayed her.

Mr. governor hosted the southwest delegates for your course and yet you betrayed him or maybe you think the governor is not aware that you worked against him despite the fact that you have been living freely in one of the Ondo state government buildings in Abuja.

You call yourself a National President which means you are suppose to be the one to empower your followers rather you borrowed a vehicle from the state chairman of Ondo State and used the multimillion naira SUV Jeep badly which prompted the owner to forcefully retrieve the car from you, your next move was to removed him from office. It’s certain that you cannot manage yourself not to talk of managing an association.

we are aware that you requested some of the personalities in Ondo State government to give you a loyal boy to replace Amb. wealth Akerele with the aim for selling the office again as usual which you have done in other eastern and northern states and these actions has caused factions.

Your leadership prowess is really poor ,you are always interested in your pocket.

We are also aware of your hoodlums activities that involves inaugurating another set of chairmen to get cash from politicians.

How can you be this corrupt and still have the audacity to dissolve?

Your antecedent is absolutely not encouraging or maybe we should come out straight and tell you that’s your antecedent stinks.

Remember that if you “Train a goat, educate a goat, a goat will continue to behave like a goat ”

The sunshine students and youths stakeholders is displeased with your antecedent and characters. We want to use this medium to warn you to retract from this stomach infrastructure industry that you have established and if you cannot, we warn you that you should stay away from every association or group under the sunshine students and youths stakeholders.

We wouldn’t want to mention names but to let you know that we are aware of the hypocritical role played between one of the past commissioners and an SSA. It is said the charity begins at home, your dented and questionable character was also taken to other states.

We do not know you as any coordinator or president of any association because we are yet to find who inaugurated you or maybe you inaugurated yourself and your impact when it comes to students and youths development in Ondo State which is zero.

We understand the level of unemployment in the country which has changed your orientation but we would advice that you withdraw from your Facebook government and find something better to do in life.

At the end , history will be remember everything we’ve done.


Sunshine Students and Youths stakeholders

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