Home NEWS “El-shaddal Church is not your family Inheritance ,it belongs to God” – Member respond to C&S pastor

“El-shaddal Church is not your family Inheritance ,it belongs to God” – Member respond to C&S pastor

by Sanusi Oluwasegun

To ; Senior Pastor Mike Ade Ajayi
Shepard in charge
C& S Covenant movement Ayo ni
Ikorodu Lagos

I am compelled to reply your message that was sent through Belliville Attorneys.

Perhaps, I want to humbly request your ultimate attention to this message and moreso to seek your forgiveness if the context of my message does not meet you in a right condition.As a Christian ,we are expected to correct ourselves in love and I am very sure that you have a vast knowledge when it comes to the interpretation of the word of God.

Let me begin by saying that the church of God is not suppose to be a business center where the resources of the church are being shared for personal uses. We might have bastardized society but it is wrong to indulge in an assertion that a church can be established to feed ones generation.

Let me quickly take you on memory lane , divine church of El shaddal shalom was established in the year 1988 and let me assume that your present age as at 2021 is 45years .it means that the church was established when you were 12years old . The church was established by our dear father in the lord ,Late Prophet Abraham Owolabi Ajayi who happens to be your father.

As at then,it is either you are still in primary or secondary school which means you were sent to school with the church resources where my father is also a contributor. There was never an already established building for divine church of Elshaddal Shalom ,it was built from the scratch by the contribution of the present members including my father. You are aware that my father ( Pastor Gbenga Fowobaje ) is an aluminum fabricator by profession .Perhaps , he was even the first president of the association when Ekiti and Ondo were together. He has been contributing his own quota from that hustle right from the establishment of the church.

As at then ,you were enjoying the hustle and struggle of those hardworking members who wanted to grow a church.

The letter you wrote to my father telling him “if his memory is not failing him prompted me to disregard your personality and the way you came to play a divide and rule game in the meeting that was held in the church by trying to manipulate the audience gave me a clear picture about you.You even try to implicate and manipulate me but thank God I was there in the meeting.

Although ,your antecedent speaks aloud just like a wise man said “train a goat, educate a goat ,a goat will continue to behave like a goat” but I won’t want to go deeply into that to avoid some emotional truma from you. Nevertheless , I will want you to recall what led you out of Mr Ojumu’s house and the involvement of Mr Seun Omotosho. That will be a story for another day.

I cannot guarantee my use of words but I will try as much as possible to be moderate so that we can learn from each other.

The letter you wrote to my father describing how shallow his thinking was didn’t actually take the other side of me because I felt it was your immaturity and poor leadership that led you to that but the involvement of my mother on how she was impregnated and how your father paid the dowry without collecting a dime from anyone caught the other side of me.

Let me remind you that my parents accommodated you and your friends for weeks in our 3 bed room apartment at oshinle , obodulu street. We had to sleep on the floor to accommodate you and your friends ,not just accomodating alone but feeding you at the same time.

Maybe your senior brother did not tell you (pastor John) that he also stayed for weeks in our house at oshinle where we fed and clothed him for months. He will never allow us to enjoy our movies ,he loves watching NTA News at 9pm and we were always forced to go and sleep.

It is so painful that I can’t really tell you all your story because you have alot of them but I will try my possible best to tell you the little I know.

You can assume within yourself that you are intelligent with your moves to put me against my father, unfortunately you aren’t up to standard. I can never be like you ,a son who stood against the progress of his father , challenging and disrespecting him in the presence of the church members because you felt you have gathered enough knowledge from one missionary school ,the missionary school your father paid for.So pathetic!!!

Your mother failed to inform you that she was given a sum of #50,000 to support Mr Lawumi’s wedding by the church and she even advised my father to request for money from church during his own wedding but he refused.

Have you forgotten how my father mobilised people from the church to Minna for your own wedding or do you think it was your character that made them to sacrifice their lives for that journey? Hell No

Do you need to be informed that the church is not anyone’s property or have you received a will that include your name as the man to inherit the church or do you need to be told that you have collected your inheritance when Baba was alive ? All the money spent on you and the rest of your siblings were generated from the hard earn money contributed by the members of the church.

Considering the letter you wrote stating yourself and your family members as a bonafide member of that church.

I remember you left in 2006 and came back 2021 to remind us that you are still a bonafide member of the church.

Have you forgotten how you stood and raise your voice against baba in the public that led you out of the church in 2006?

Have you forgotten that you went and build an altar at the choir horizon without the consent of our father in the lord and he had to demolish it? Have you forgotten so quickly?

Your spiritual and leadership philosophy is different from Baba and that’s why you couldn’t stay in that environment. You can decieve your assumed congregation in Lagos but you cannot decieve us in Akure where you originated from.

In the 33years of the establishment of Divine church of Elshaddal Shalom, No Pastors is on any salary scale and yet the church placed your mother on a salary scale of #15,000 every month because the church believed it is her right to take good care of our founder’s wife but you should know that it is your responsibility to take good care of your mother and if you see such a gesture from the church ,you should be grateful not conspiring to take over the leadership of the church.

In your second letter using the Abraham Owolabi Ajayi Family letterhead ,you said the children of the deceased have not been carried along in the activities of the church. I am made bold to say that none of you stood by your father during his journey as a Minister of God. You all left him alone. The church is not a family property that need the attention of the family members. it belongs to God and the proceeding of the church is directed by God. We cannot have God as the bedrock of the church and expect us to seek the consent of a family when it comes to the decision making. It can never be realistic.

Pastor Adeboye was appointed as the general overseer of RCCG and the successor of Baba Fadayomi ,he wasn’t appointed because he is one of the founding members or the son of the founder, he was appointed base on divine direction from God.

It is so shameful to see you coming to claim the ownership of a church established by a man you never cared for , Yourself and your family members left Baba in sickness for months without checking on him.

It was your character that led Baba to his early sickness ,he almost had an accident between ijero to Ipoti Ekiti because of the war you waged against him or do you want me to say that your children will treat you in multiple folds they way you treated your father? I will advice you not to say Amen but you cannot escape karma rather can you escape exodus 20 vs 12

Your greediness led you to break Baba’s door to cart away the church’s documents even he was ill instead of supporting him, you left him in his branch in Akure with his people.

“The greatest court that’s greater than the court of justice is the court of conscience ”

I am aback that you are now posting Baba’ s pictures on social media when he is dead ,how many times did you post Baba on Facebook when he was alive? What a world!!!

Abraham Owolabi Ajayi ,a warrior himself who will never compromise anything for his personal interest. You are aware or you might been told that in the presence of the whole church ,Baba announced Pastor Gbenga Fowobaje as his successor. He even told him that if everyone leaves the church ,he should stay there alone with his family and warned him never to leave that path.

Paragraph 17 of your recent letter through Belleville Attorneys caught my attention where you said the primate/founder of the church, Prophet Abraham Owolabi Ajayi was shocked and bemused when one sister Ayo( My Mother) approached him that she has been impregnated by Mr Gbenga (My Father) Maybe the pregnancy gave birth to me.i really need to know the minister that ordained you as a pastor if it wasn’t a mistake. Don’t you think it is better to be shocked that I was conceived than to be happy that someone like you was born. Someone who want to pull down his father’s legacy because of selfish interest. It reminds me of what God said when the devil was sent to the earth.

Unfortunately ,you have misformed your counsel by saying our father in the lord paid for all the wedding expenses without any penny from either Mr Gbenga Fowobaje or Sister Ayo. For your consumption ,the wedding was done last year where my father picked your mother as his own mother for the ceremony due to the fact that our grandmother is late. I remember you did a jotter for us then or are you finding it difficult to remember past antecedent?

If the founder of the church had appointed his own successor ,then I feel you are expected to join hands with the person incharge to move the ministry forward not fighting for your own stomach.

My father up to this moment still go to work everyday as an aluminum fabricator to hustle for his family, he is not interested in using the church resources to feed himself and his family rather he prefer spending his money for the progress of the church.

We weren’t trained to wake up in the morning and to church.we were trained to wake up in the morning and go to work which makes us different from you. We don’t wake up in the morning and wait for church member’s blessing before we eat.No wonder you wanted your mother to be the general overseer of the church from the letter you wrote with 2 or 3 of your family members as board of directors. It is really funny. If God had wanted that ,he would have Informed our father in the Lord to do so or do you think we were sent to school with the church fund just like you? No.
We were sent to school with Aluminum fabricating money ( Alumaco’s money).My father’s hard earn money. The church’s fund is used to develop the church.

It is a rare privilege to be able to contribute to the work of God.

Our constitution does not state the consultation of any family members before making decisions because it is not a family property.

You left your family members and clinch to the struggle of overthrowing the present leadership of church. If truly you are that comfortable in Lagos, why did you leave your sisters/brothers in those conditions? Or you think we have been surviving on tithe and offering? Glory be to God.

Do you know how many times your sister (Aunty titi) visit my dad to get foodstuff/ money from him? You left them alone and you were bothered making your mother the general overseer of the church. Do you think that’s the way to eradicate poverty? The church fund can never take you out of poverty.

I wonder the kind of leadership tutelage you acquired from C & S Ayo ni Movement. Although I can’t conclude because I have met a quite number of inspiring personalities from that movement.

I still have your video where you removed your cloth as if you have taken too much ethanol that led you to be raining curses on elderly people in the church ,the video will be extracted soon.

You even took baba to Lagos to force him to sign some documents but he refused. You had to drop him back to Akure since you couldn’t force him to sign despite his illness.

You even wrote it there that you sent #200,000 into my father’s account to support the church , imagine a church that have been established for over 33years and someone claim he had been supporting the church with #200,000.
Maybe you need to retake mathematics as a course .let me remind you that you left Baba’s burial ground without any contribution and the church took over the responsibility to take care of the burial ground. You later came with a story that baba is disturbing you in your dream and that you want your family to partake ,you contributed 100k to support the construction of the burial ground since the burial ground requires structure. Your second 100k was the contribution you made for the ori – oke Ipoti development when you offer to partner with the committee incharge on a 3days retreat but couldn’t work because of your poor leadership skills in handling matters.

I am using this opportunity to tell you again that the Divine church of Elshaddal Shalom is not the property of C & S movement Ayo ni or any of your family members.it belong to God. I am also using this medium to tell you that as the son the successor of the founder ,I am not entitle to inherit the church or any of my family member. The church belongs to God and subsequent leaders will be chosen according to the direction of God. I need you to also teach your children that philosophy so that they won’t wake up one morning and start writing letters to C & S Movement Ayo ni claiming ownership. These are lessons we must teach our children.

It will also interested you that my family has contacted our lawyer to prepare your letter for false accusations and defamation of character.

Moreso,I will advice we meet in court instead of writing unscrupulous messages to our church in Akure.

You have used over 3 letterhead to write to the church. You have used C&S Covenant movement Ayo ni , Abraham Owolabi Ajayi Family and now Belliville Attorneys. I hope you know we have all the copies of the letters.

The copy of the videos and letters will be sent to Media houses for record purposes and adequate dissemination.

Thanks for your patience and understanding. I know it is very hard to read this days considering your academic background on how you use to forge your result then but I can see you have used your experience to package yourself well in Lagos to those who don’t know you.

Once again ,I want to apologize if I have overacted. You should understand that you actually need this reply and remember you brought this malady upon yourself and your family.

I advice you give your writer an adequate information next time he or she would be embarking on what I called pusilanimous controversial gambling.

Fowobaje oluwaseun Gbenga

For Fowobaje Family

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