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REVIEW: My first Experience using Hespat App

by Sam Olakunori

If you are in Akure, Ondo state, you would notice how the sunshine state capital suddenly turn green – online and offline – on Friday 13th of August, 2021.

Since the start of this year, Hespat Headquarters have been rolling out designs announcing the coming of a app that solves all problems at a go.

As expected, I was on the look out, waiting for their launch.

Then 3 days ago, the date for launch was announced, I was super excited that you would think I am the one launching this app.

Finally, the day arrived and I couldn’t wait to 12pm, the time for launching, I also promised myself to try and be the first person to download and use the app. And of course, I was the first person to do that, by 12.04, I was done with registration. The app was easy to download as the name was unique and I do not have to struggle to identify the app on my device store. Aside that, the app is less than 15MB (can’t remember the exact size) downloading took seconds, beside I did not have to worry about the chunk of space it will take on my device.

Up next was to fund my wallet, this was the point I was thinking I would discover a bug, but I was left disappointed. The payment was so swift, connecting to my bank with my card number and CVV isn’t a new thing to me. But something caught my attention, while trying to input my ATM Card Pin, the Hespat app make use of an inbuilt keyboard, this means nobody can trace your hand movements, and be able to guess your card pin, this same keyboard is been used when entering my OTP.

Excited about these features I have been getting, I dashed to the bathroom and prepare to get out of my apartment. I requested for a ride immediately I came out of the bathroom – thinking it would take moments before I am connected to a driver, base on the experience I have with a similar e-hailing app that was in town sometimes ago; within seconds I was connected to a driver, who called me almost immediately.

The interface showing the details of my rider

The app already gave me my estimated cost, which was just about 50naira higher than the regular price; still a nice deal!

Finally, my rider was here.

“E ja ka lo,” (Let’s go) I said to him.

“Mo ma need OTP yin” (I will need your OTP) he replied.

That was when I knew what the number that popped Up on my app was for.

This means, no rider would claim to have pick up a passenger without doing so. Immediately I thought of this, I gave a thumbs up to the developer.

Boom…. Off we go!

My rider zooming off after picking me..

Finally, I arrived at my destination, and I made my payment. I got to later known via a call that I was the first person to use the app.

Of course, I expect the Hespat Headquarters to keep updating the app, and I would look forward to them fixing some issues. For example, the driver was logged out before we arrived at my destination, now the problem here is: peradventure the driver is facing network issues and couldn’t log in back to his app, the passenger fare will keep increasing, till whenever this is solved.

I will be trying out the H-Car and H-Send in the coming weeks.

Besides, I also made use of the 20% off coupon code Hespatdonland You can download the Hespat app on Playstore, Use my referral Code: 514AA2

Would you like me to review your new app or website? Kindly send me a mail via olakunorisamuel@gmail.com, I would be glad to do so.

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