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You Have Broken The Yoke Of Deliberate Extortion , Pope Jero Commend Gov Akeredolu

by Sanusi Oluwasegun

. “Leaders set high standards. Refuse to tolerate mediocrity or poor performance”

Brain Tracy

Your Excellency ,I must commend your bold step in solving one of the crucial problems in Ondo state.

This mission has being with me for a long time hoping that one day I will be privileged to execute it directly or indirectly. I was delighted when I saw the news and reading through the content that unions/associations has been ban in Ondo state. I feel relieved.

Your Excellency ,you have solved a very big problem. There’s inflation in the market because of this so called associations ,they impose prices on people and any of their members who fail to adhere to the fixed price will be severely dealt with .

We now have associations for everything in the market and some people will sit down at their comfort zone to dictate prices.

This is very unfair , business owners should be allowed to sell according to what they have on ground. Business owners can no longer think on strategies to sell their products because of their so called associations. Some people has taken this associations business as a day to day activities leaving their own businesses ,they move around to inspect if their members are following their imposed prices.

We can’t possibly know the truth and still fail , the rate of extortion is high , Inflation has taken over the market.

I was surprised when I wanted to get an accommodation in Ondo and I met some agent telling me that they have a fixed price for agent fee ,this means I have no reason to look for other agents because it is a fixed price for agent fee.

How do we experience flexibilities and at the same time still get the best?

If we are not careful, they would start having national associations , national convention .if we are not careful ,their elections will now be calling for media attention ,it is likely to become brutal just on the basis of extorting the people. An association that’s not adding value to people ,all they do is to make excessive profit by stylishly using their association proceedings to extort the people. This is highly unacceptable.

Your Excellency ,this decision is laudable and commendable.You have shown that your ears are on ground even as the number one citizen of Ondo state. it means you can hear our low voices. i want to say thank you

Comr Fowobaje oluwaseun Gbenga aka POPEJERO

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