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South West Youths Frown At Recalcitrant, Barbaric Pro Disunity Attitude Of Arewa Youths To Nigeria’s Oneness

by Oluwatosin

It is highly sardonic that a group that called themselves Arewa youths has caused more harm to the unity of this nation. They have always been threatening the peace of this nation with their unprogressive comments on social media.

They always want to be relevant by putting this nation on fire.

We cannot continue to condone the vocal recklessness of these so-called Arewa youths especially to our distinguished leader His Excellency Rotimi Akeredolu.

“Train a goat, Educate a goat, a goat will continue to behave like a goat”

There are six geopolitical zones in Nigeria and if the chairman of the most ideological zone is giving a piece of advice as regards the 2023 general election, then you must understand that he’s speaking on behalf of his people and for the interest of Nigerians.

As a forum, you can make constructive criticisms were an intellectual debate can be established and not vomiting recklessly to our great leader.

Perhaps, you should know that your association or forum has caused more harm than good to the unity of Nigeria. You are always biased in your opinion and it is widely known that this association was created as a political tool to return this country to a once forbidden dark Alley.

The students and youths stakeholders (SAYS) have over time observed your activities on social media which has been so disgusting, exasperating, and ridiculous.

To Foster and uphold the unity of this nation, an association like yours should be disbanded from this continuous delinquency.

Henceforth, the students and youths stakeholders will not tolerate your uncultured and barbaric manners.

The executive Governor of Ondo state who happens to be the chairman of the governor’s forum in the southwest has given a piece of advice that the next president should come from the south knowing fully that the North has completed their term. You are permitted to disagree but always learn to be constructive when making your reservations. Moreso, Governor Rotimi Akeredolu’s s personality has gone beyond having an association like yours making pusillanimous controversial gambling as regard his position.

The students and youths of Ondo state will not tolerate any of your vocal recklessness whether sponsored or for relevance sake to the chairman of the governor’s forum southwest. If that is how you speak recklessness to your own governors, then don’t extend such an unrefined character to the leaders of the south.

I am sure a wise organization like yours will heed to corrections


Ilesanmi Ade-Ademola


Students and youths stakeholders ( SAYS)


Director of media and publicity

Fowobaje oluwaseun Gbenga Popejero

Students and youths stakeholders (SAYS)

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