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Nigeria at @61 , Terrible but still redeemable

by Sanusi Oluwasegun

_”Great leaders don’t set out to be leaders. They set out to make a difference.”_— Jeremy Bravo

Nigerian is blessed with so much resources both human and natural. By virtue of what we have ,we are supposed to be the leading nation amongst the seven continents in the universe.

What has gone wrong? A lot of people has made different reservations as regard our present status. Some said we weren’t ripe enough to be an independent country , others felt we have allowed too much illiterate to govern us while some believed that allowing thesame class of people to rule us and knowing fully that we can’t be using thesame method and be expecting a different result caused our country to fall apart.

The debate is very necessary because we are looking for a lasting solution to this present malady.

My position has always been leadership ,there was a time a former president of this country chief Olusegun Aremu Obasanjo made his reservation that Nigerians must change their attitude before we can have a better system.

While I will agree with the former president at one side and I disagree on another side.

The current suitation of this country was as a result of bad leadership. The system is fault-default and we need to savage this nation from not just poor leadership but also bad leadership.

A lawless system will create lawless citizens ,a corrupt system will create corrupt citizens. It is as simple as that. The system has be restructured before we can get a desirable result.

The constitution of the country must be revisited and redesign to favour a system that want to be progressive.

Nigeria at @61 ,citizens are trying to flee the country because the country has retrograded and people can longer find peace in this country. Kidnapping , killing , corruption , unemployment ,poor electricity ,bad roads etc has being the order of the day.

In a country where we believed there’s law and order , young people were massacred at lekki toll gate on the 20-10-2021 just because they were clamouring for a better system. what more can we say? If our government can order military men to kill her own citizens ,then where do we find hope?

Nigerian is not producing anything and yet want to dictate the market.How? No advancement in technology ,the educational system is rotten ,the economy is bad etc.A dollar is now equivalent to 410 naira.

The masses are blindfolded , they are only struggling to survive , survival of the fittest.

My proposed solution is likely to go with what president Good luck Jonathan did in 2014 which was a national confab.

Let us have a sincere national convention/ confab where issues will be trashed and the convention should not be a closed door discussion. It should be made a universal discussion.

In summary ,our constitution , system and our present leaders cannot build the country of our dreams. We need to revisit the foundation and restructure the system Else we would continue to disintegrate as a nation.

As a citizen of this country , it’s my responsibility to continue in the search for a solution to build the country of our dreams.

God bless the federal republic of Nigeria

Happy Independence day

Fowobaje oluwaseun Gbenga aka Popejero

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