I have nothing against married women, Nollywood actress Moyo lawal says.

  • The big bold and beautiful actress has taken to her verified Instagram page to declare that she has nothing against married women or single mothers.

Recently the actress took to her Instagram page to declare that she might soon become a single mother, that sleeping and waking up alone is becoming too boring for her and also doing the right thing that is getting married has no reward.

In a bit to correct the wrong interpretation given to her statement, she said she’s not against married women, and that she appreciates every woman that is doing everything possible to keep their home intact. She also said that however, there are also some married women who still sleep around with other people outside their marriage despite the vows they exchanged with their spouses. ,

The actress also made a revelation that she’s the first born of her family, and as the first born while growing up she took up the semi-parent role. She also revealed that some of her friends are married, and she marvelled as to their strength.

The actress said she prefers watching cartoons and eating than going thru those stress.

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