Bandits collecting taxes doesn’t mean they’ve taken over – Lai Mohammed

Lia Mohammed, the minister for information and culture has stated that the fact that bandit now levy communities does not mean that they’ve taken over the government.

The minister said this while reacting to a magazine titled insurgency sessionism  and banditary threatens Nigeria at a press conference in Abuja. The minister said that the Abroad based magazine was wrong to have said that bandits have taken over the northern caliphate of the country.

The minister while answering some questions stated that the fact that bandit now charge levies does not mean that they’re now in charge of government, that the levying of a thing happens everywhere. He said the bandits are equivalent to touts of Southwest popularly known as “area boys”.

He said that there are many states where area boy charge levies and there are no bandits there. He also stated that this “people” carve out their own territories without any intention of taking over the government.

The minister urged Nigerian journalist to stop glorifying negative report written about Nigeria by their foreign counterpart.

The minister slammed the foreign economist for writing false report and for downgrading the effort of the Nigerian military personnel.

The minister also made it known,  that the military are trying their best to end insurgency in the northern caliphate finally.

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