‘One chance’ criminals dropped off my colleague and me when I begged my tribesman recognised through accent –Graduate

A lady known as Mary Aborele shared her encounter with one chance kidnapper after she was set free with her colleague.

The lady whose house is at Akute Ogun state and teach in a school at lekki. She said one week after she resumed her job, she usually take bike from her house to the junction where she enter the vehicle that will take her to the bustop where she take lekki vehicle. She recounted that on that faithful morning, she left her house late and saw her colleague at Berger who said they can find direct vehicle to lekki at that spot.

While waiting, a sienna vehicle pulled up at their front and called lekki. They and other passengers who were heading to that direction jostled for the space. It was only her and her colleague that was able to get in. She noticed that they were the only ladies in the vehicle and there were five other men in there and also that they placed them at the middle of the men. She noticed that when the vehicle started, the driver pulled up from the express and started driving to a bush part. She said she didn’t raise alarm as she wasn’t familiar with the route to lekki yet and she thought the driver was trying to beat the Lagos traffic. She said when they got a little further, one of the men said a coded word axiel”, that was when the reality dawned at her that they’ve been kidnapped. After the coded word the man grabbed her neck and they also grabbed her friend’s neck, trying to make them bend inside the vehicle. While this was going on, she remembered that one the men had Edo intonation and she is also from Edo herself and she spoke to him in Edo language to please free them. Luckily for her, the man understood and told the other men to stop, that they will find another victim. Then they drove them to Ikeja and asked them for their phones, the password to their mobile apps, their ATMs too. When the kidnapper checked their account balance and discovered nothing was there, it angered them more and they collected their transport fare and threw them out of the vehicle calling them broke girls. She had to beg for transport fares from passerbys in other for them to reach home.

When the victim got home, she was advised to report the incident to the police by her parent. The police in the area started that that has been a recurring incident for the past month. She was also told that she could track her phone if she wanted, which she rejected cause it would cause her more money. She narrated that one of the officer narrated that she should pay some certain amount if she wants the investigation to the fastened. This caused her to regret coming to the police station in the first place.

The lady said after the incident, she had several nightmares which caused her several sleepless nights. She stated that after that day she became vigilant while boarding a vehicle. She wondered what would have happened if she didn’t recognize the voice of her kins man.

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