Couple demand N50bn from Shell over son’s brain damage

A couple named Emeka and Stella Okoli has sued shell company in Rivers State over alleged negligence of their doctors which led to brain damage of their son.

The couple who worked with the company are suing for N50bn damages.

The doctors, Dr Alexander Dimoko and Dr Dafe Akpoduado, were alleged of negligence while performing an appendectomy surgery on their son, Chinazam, sometime in September 2016.

The couple, in a 55-paragraph statement of claims, alleged that the doctors operated on their son without making scientific enquiries, adding that the procedure the doctors claimed would take 45 minutes extended to five hours, which made their son unconscious. The boy later suffered severe seizures at the end of the surgery.

The statement of claims read in part, “Whilst Shell doctors claimed that the outcome was a result of drug reaction, qualified specialists in South Africa and United States have confirmed hypoxia caused by lack of oxygen to the brain during surgery”.

“Dr Dafe Akpoduado, the anaesthetist, wrongly administered spinal instead of general anaesthesia; he did not administer appropriate drugs in anticipation of the complications that ultimately caused Chinazam’s brain damage”.

The child who is now 15 years of age can’t do anything by himself. He has to be carried in and out of bed or wheelchair, constant drooling and suffers regular seizure.

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