LASEMA urge residents to carry out inspection on building to avoid collapse

The Lagos State Emergency Management Agency has urged residents to carry out regular inspection on building to avoid sudden collapse.

The Agency on their social media has urged residents to stop managing funds which lead to less quality structures.

This was said in reaction to the Ikoyi storey building that collapsed.

“The reoccurring menace has claimed many innocent lives, valuable properties and huge investments. Although structural failures of building may arise from natural catastrophe, the pivotal cause of incessant building collapse in Lagos is the non–compliance with the building Industry construction standard and regulation for designated buildings.”

“The use of sub–substandard materials such as inadequate quantity of cement, concrete blocks, sand, poor workmanship and overloading or increase in floors of building contrary to foundational scope are the indices of structural damage. These lacunae can be curtailed through the instrumentality of safety compliance.”

“Residents should inspect their buildings regularly for Cracks and other structural defects and consult professionals for necessary solution and prevention.”

“Building owners should not work within limited funds at the expense of safety, quality and structural stability.”

“All Stakeholders in the construction industry should adhere strictly to the provisions of the Lagos State Building Code,” the Agency said.

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