A man stabbed the food seller of the hotel he lodged because of N400.

An hotel lodger Opeyemi Rufai allegedly stabbed a food seller because of 400 naira at an hotel named Baonik Hotel, Magboro, in the Obafemi Owode Local Government Area of Ogun State.

According to report Rufai told the woman to cook noodles for him around 3 p.m..

She said after she finished cooking the noodles Rufai was nowhere to be found. Until about 7 p.m. in the evening when he came back. She brought the noodles to him and he said it was cold, rejected it and she said she poured it away. The seller requested for the 400 naira of the noodles and Rufai said he can’t pay because you didn’t eat it. He gave her 1000 naira ask her to remove the 600naira was owing her and return 400 naira change to him. The seller refused, the following morning he came into their kitchen and requested for his 400 naira change she said she didn’t have change and he stabbed her in her stomach thigh and nose with the intention of killing her.

The previous hospitals she went to rejected her except Lagos State teaching hospital.

She was asked to pay 300,000 before she can be admitted. Everybody including the hotel owner abandoned her except a good Samaritan who happens to be a customer at the hotel he begged the hospital to admit her and commence treatment first.

She spent close to three months at the hospital before she was finally discharged. The family of the perpetrator we’re only able to raise 120,000 thousand out of the 800,000naira that was spent on her after discharge our brother reported the usual to the police station again the police demanded 200,000 just for full investigation to commence.

The police officer said “Once they knew they wanted the suspect to be prosecuted, they shouldn’t have demanded the payment of the hospital bill from the same suspect. Prosecuting the suspect after he paid the hospital bill amounts to double jeopardy. Should we punish him twice for the same offence?”

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