River man arrested for attempting suicide after losing his life savings to forex scam.

A middle-aged man named Egbe Godfrey who attempted suicide while claiming to have lost all his life savings to a forex company in Port Harcourt has been arrested.

Godfrey had climbed a telecommunication mast in Garrison axis of Port Harcourt on Tuesday, threatening to hang himself before he got distracted by neighbors who brought him down.

The company which was owned by one Maxwell Odum collapsed due to its inability to pay the agreed ROI to it’s investors.

Godfrey said life have been very tough for him since he lost his savings.

He stated, “My money has been seized by Maxwell Odum. He ran away with my money for over one year now. Since then, I have not seen him.

“I am frustrated; my family is frustrated because I cannot take care of them. I cannot train my children and pay school fees. My landlord has thrown me outside. I don’t know where to start life.

I don’t have a job. There is nothing I am doing. That was why this morning I decided to come here to hang myself.”

Some eyewitnesses, who spoke to the news correspondent, narrated how they spotted the victim and persuaded him to come down from the mast.

“The man said he wanted to kill himself because of the money he lost to MBA.

He said the government was not helping them to recover the money and the victims had gone to the EFCC office to report the case, but nothing was done,” an eyewitness said.

A businessman in the area, who did not want his name in print, said, “He went up there with a rope. He tied the rope there to hang himself. We begged him until he managed to come down.”

The excitement that the victim did not hang himself was, however, cut short when some policemen arrived and got him arrested.


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