There will be nothing like APC in 2022- Senator Ayu

The National leader of the People Democratic Party, Senator Iyorchia Ayu, has said by March/April of 2022, there will be nothing like APC in Nigeria.

He said this during the weekend in a program organized for him by the people of Benue state.

He said to meet the expectations of Nigerians, will unite the party and “build it to a fighting machine because Nigerians are waiting for us. Nigerians are tired. There is no governance in Nigeria under the APC”.

“Days back people said to my hearing that Nigerians wish to return to the days of PDP. I believe that Nigerians want us to return to power. And it is not only at the federal level. At a point we had 28 governors. I believe that it is still possible to increase the number to at least 29 governors.

“It is possible to attain because by March/April there will be no APC in Nigeria. APC is a contraption; a contraption to win power with no programme or any idea of what to do with power”.

“So we will be coming back with a programme of action, with workable policies to get our dear country working again; so that our people will enjoy peace and prosperity”.

“PDP is a strong fair party; under the PDP no part of the country will be marginalized. It is equity and justice that Nigerians need. And it is only the PDP that can give us that. I want to assure you that it is going to happen after 2023.”

Senator Ayu promised to provide PDP members a level playing field at every level to enable them actualize their aspiration.

He said the party would work vigorously to regain leadership of the National Assembly, enlist more women and youths as well as halt the drift from the PDP to other political parties.

“For the Presidency, we will be fair to all aspirants. There will be no favoured aspirant. We will provide a level playing ground for everyone. The next President will be a product of the PDP.


“We urge Nigerians not to lose hope because a small collection of people have come together to divide us. We are a productive people who are respected across the world. Do not allow the current leadership to destroy the tenacity of this nation. PDP will be back with good policy, the economy will come back to life and we will start exporting again. As a party, we have done the needful. We will work hard to rebuild our nation and shame the foreign detractors who say Nigeria will break up.”


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