Drop your presidential ambition for a younger person, Okechukwu Osita to Tinubu.

Osita Okechekwu, the Managing Director Voice Of Nigeria as advised APC national leader Asiwaju Tinubu to leave the presidential ambition and support a younger person from the south.

Osita okechukwu, a founding member of the All Progressive Congress made this known to the journalist at the 2021 Eke day in Abuja.

“If one is consulted by our national leader, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu on whether he should run or not for the exalted office of the President of Nigeria in 2023, my candid advice will be that he should use his abundant Almighty God’s endowment to unite the APC, and unite the South and by extension our beloved country, by backing a candidate from the southeast,” he said.

Okechukwu advice Tinubu to drop the ambition for a younger person in the south,  preferably southeast,  he said by doing this, Tinubu would unite Nigeria as some northerners have complained that why they are reluctant to support southern candidates is because of lack of cohesion among the two major geopolitical zones in the south.

The director said if Tinubu widens his search he’s going to see a worthy candidate that would defeat Atiku Abubakar, PDP candidate.

Asked why Tinubu should be restricted to only Kingmaker and not the King himself, Okechukwu argued that, “the scriptures said there is time for everything which happens on earth.

“I am one of those Buharists who have tremendous respect for Asiwaju for the critical supplement he added to Buhari’s 12 million Vote-Bank, which resulted in our 2015 presidential election victory. It is not a mean feat when you consider that with Buhari’s Vote-Bank, we were unable to win in 2003, 2007, and 2011, until the merger of the legacy political parties, where Tinubu played major role.”

When okechukwu was asked if there was agreement between buhari and tinubu to be his running mate in 2015 presidential election he said he does not know.


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