N-Power Beneficiaries clamour over unpaid stipend as festive festive period approaches

The third batch N Power beneficiaries tension keeps arising as festive period approaches due to their unpaid stipend.

The N Power program was established majorly to curb the issue of youth unemployment and to improve social development. The batch C was brought in September and a stipend of #30,000 was promised.

However, information gathered reveals that the beneficiaries are yet to get paid four months into the program.

A number of the beneficiaries were paid their September stipend last month while the other percentage are yet to receive their dues due to some errors on the N Power managements end.

The N Power beneficiaries are currently tensed up as festive period is four days ahead and there seems to be no hope of receiving their stipend arrears because the concerned authorities has not given a befitting answers to the lament of the beneficiaries.

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