Oba Olushola Moses Meets With PDP Party Leaders In Akure North, Gifts Xmas Packages To Party Faithfuls

Ahead of the new year, Oba Olushola Moses had a meeting with all the chairmen and women leaders in all 12 wards of Akure North Local Government to discuss issues pertaining to the future of the party in the local government. Olushola Moses while acknowledging the unflinching support and great works of the party leaders also emphasized the need to do more to be able to recover the state from the hands of grim reapers.

“it is imperative that we continue to work and prepare for the various elections coming up and our preparations will sure determine our chances of winning. We must admit that the onus is on us and all chairmen and women leaders should go back and continue to spread the news of hope, determination and success to members of our great party. I know fully well that the People’s Democratic Party is the light and I am also confident that even people on the other side are starting to feel the same way” He said.

The party leaders in one accord appreciated Oba Olushola Moses for his kind gestures and support for his own people citing his numerous and countless humanitarian activities in the local government. They promised to do all in their capacity to make the party even more stronger in the local government than before.

Oba Olushola Moses also handed gift items to the party leaders to share to party members in their different locality stating that the initiative boils down to his commitment to ensure that all party members in the local government enjoy the festive period. “I believe everyone deserves to enjoy Christmas and the holidays, so with the support of my foundation, we have prepared Christmas packages to assist our different and individual plans for the festive periods” He said.

He concluded by assuring his continued support to all party members in the coming year and after. He appreciated the party leaders and members and again, demanded for their continued support and love for the PDP.

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