Pay your tithes, don’t be deceived by online pastors — Cleric.

The overseer of Kingsway International Christian Centre, KICC, in Nigeria, Pastor Femi Faseru has urged worshippers in his church not to show lackadaisical attitude towards paying their tithes in 2022.

Speaking during a recent broadcast tagged “Pathway to taking over (3)”, which was monitored by Vanguard, the Lagos based pastor explained that the payment of tithe “is a principle and not a law”.

“A man who doesn’t give tithe, doesn’t recognise God as the giver of what he has. He is selfish and a parasite.

“Even Jesus endorsed tithing. He endorsed first fruit offering. These are principles, they are not laws,” he said.

He also gave an instance of Abraham in the book of Genesis who gave his tithe to God, saying “there was no law in Genesis, but principle based on the Spirit of God”.

Cautioning the congregation against “false teaching” circulating on social media, he said, “Don’t let those who quote few verses to become your pastors online. Come to Faith Clinic, open Bible and ask questions”.

Offer your tithes and first fruit offering. Law didn’t come until exodus 20. The very first fruit was in Genesis when Abel gave his first fruit while his brother Cain failed to do so,” he explained.

He further noted that God rejected cain’s offering not because he brought bad harvest as purportedly claimed by some Sunday school teachers, but because Abel gave first fruit offering.

“God is only asking for your 10%, you still have the 90%. If 90% is not going to be enough for you, 100% can never be enough for you,” he said.

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