“The best time to reset is now” – Popejero

Coming together is the beginning , staying together is progress , working together is an achievement” – Henry Ford

The best time to reset is now; I have decide to express my feelings through my pen and to also send a message to the Nigerian youths.

Over some months now, I have seen and met young people doing exceedingly great in different industries.

In the real estate industry where I am presently learning, the drive and vision from young folks is quite amazing. It is an industry where you have to learn beyond your profession.

Looking at other industries like the tech industry where young minds are doing exceedingly great. You will agree with me that the status of this country now and the calibers of young minds we have does not correlate.

There’s a need for us to come together to specially redefine our interest in future of this country. We can’t be discouraged with the constrains that locked up different potentials but we must understand that Nigeria is our fatherland.

We don’t need to be decieved , Nigeria is not in a path of greatness. The rate of inflation , unemployment , insecurity and poor standard of living has shown that we are not in the path of greatness.

We might not be able to align totally in thesame political space but there’s an urgent need to reset and redefine our interest to the future of this country.

Look at the music industry ,see how young people are striving in business of entertainment and yet the status of our country is disheartening.

Let’s make choices that would save the future of the now.

Once we are able to reset our mind and define what we want ,then I am very optimistic that we would get it right.

The youths on the street need to be well informed and educated about what would happen if we don’t have the right mind to be better.

The message is not about political parties ,we have different political parties as platforms for people to contest and that’s one of the citeria for contesting but we must look beyond just political parties and see how we can save this country.

A quite number of young people has left the country for a greener pasture. Over 90% of youths are willing to leave this country. It has gotten to that stage.

The future we glimpse shall be the future we imposed after our own manner of understanding.

We’ve come on foot,the big question is , shall we go on wagon?

Fowobaje Oluwaseun Gbenga Popejero

A propagator of good governance

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