Suleiman Ibrahim, a suspected kidnapper, has explained that he connived with members of a group to kill his cousin, Najahid Abdullahi because the family refused to pay ransom for him.

The suspect confessed  when he was paraded at the headquarters of the Plateau State Police Command, on Thursday.

Suleiman narrated that when they kidnapped the victim on a motorcycle and took him to their hideout and ransom was not paid, they decided to kill him. The suspect, however, regretted committing the crime, saying that was his first time of involving in kidnapping for ransom.

“Initially, five of us planned the kidnapping but the remaining ones fled. I was the only one arrested. We asked for the ransom and the money was not given. I have never done it before. This is my first time of engaging in the business.

“The victim was my cousin and has been buried. I wasn’t in my right senses. I was drunk but I am regretting the action now. I will never do it again,” the suspect said.

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