Man kills his neighbor over plate of food in Kwara State.

A man, Farouk Ojo Ahmed, has reportedly passed away in Ilorin, Kwara State.

According to instablog, The victim was  allegedly m#rdered by his neighbor, Ahmed Yusuf, on Friday, January 28. According to a source, “Farouk returned from the mosque on that faithful day and was accosted by Ahmed over a plate of food they had bought before heading to the mosque.

An argument ensued which led to a f!ght. Ahmed increased the volume of his sound system so that other neighbors won’t hear Farouk screaming for help. He slammed the victim’s head with a center table and st#bbed him multiple times leaving him in a pool of bl#od.

Farouk was rushed to the hospital and was pronounced de#d while Ahmed is presently thinking abo his actions in police detention.”



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