Zoning Was Not Stated Anywhere In The Constitution -Former vice president, Atiku Abubakar.

Atiku Abubakar, the former vice-president and former bearer of the People Democratic Party in the 2019 presidential election, says there is no provision for zoning political offices in Nigeria’s constitution.

The chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) spoke at a meeting with a group calling on him to run for president in 2023.Worthy of note, Atiku is yet to officially join the 2023 presidential race. He stated that the country’s changes make him “wonder if to go for it (contest) or not”.

He said since it is an endowed attribute from God, therefore, we should try to look for such a person who has been endowed by God. Someone who has those attributes, and then give him leadership.

“I have never seen; this country has so many challenges at the same time. So, sometimes, when I am on my bed, I begin to wonder whether to go for it (contest) or not because the challenges are just too many.”

Further starting, he said, “In my life, I have never seen Nigeria in such a bad situation. As far as the unity of this country is concerned, we are more divided.

“Even when we fought the civil war, we were never as divided as this. We never have a breakdown of law and order like this. The civil war was confined to a particular location, in every other place, there was peace.”

“We never had this kind of poverty where even the farmer cannot go to farm the food to eat, not to talk of commercial farming.”

Commenting further, he said he has never seen the country so bad. He said that it’s going to be a very difficult and demanding task for anyone to come to turn things around.

Speaking on political zoning, Atiku said there is nothing like that in the constitution. Nothing prohibits anyone from any region from running for president.

“Fundamentally, the constitution says all of us can run,” he said.

“The constitution has not barred any one of us. There is no zoning in the constitution; there is none. I was a member of the constituent assembly that drafted the current constitution and there was nothing like that.”

“Leadership is endowed by God. You can have a young man come and do better than an old man,” he said.

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