The citizens of the Federal republic of Nigeria, have continued to battle scarcity of petrol, business owners and residents of Ondo state have begun to count their losses as many of them go through difficult times while trying to cope with the hardship created by the scarcity and the high amount charged by some stations.

Investigation revealed that some stations hoard the product and sell as much as N200 to N400 per little, suggesting the scarcity of PMS is artificial while the few selling at N165 were jam-packed with vehicles, motorbikes and jerricans.

An Okada rider, Mr Samuel Bamikole said that as early as 6am he started to queue for fuel but was able to get at noon.

According to him, his daily income has reduced by 80% as he was able to get little fuel after six hours of queuing.

While narrating his ordeal, a traveller, Okhotor Vicent, at the busy Oba Adesida road said that he had to trek from Olukayode to NEPA just because he could not pay N100 for that short distance.

He continued by saying, When the taxi drivers were insisting on the same price, he had no choice than to use his legs.

It is so sad that the current fuel scarcity is coming at a time the masses are wallowing in abject poverty.

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