Terrorist attacked a security checkpoint in Kaduna State.

Terrorist attacked a security checkpoint at Mil Takwas (Mile 8) in the Jibia Local Government Area of Kaduna State, torching two operational cars and one private vehicle.

More than fifty attackers, according to a source, came from the Bugaje region, but a motorcyclist informed security personnel at the checkpoint to their activity.

Soldiers were dispatched to repel the bandits from Bugaje because their movements were anticipated.

“However, the soldiers received another word that around 50 motorcycle-riding bandits were en route to Jibia from the Tsambe region, so they left to prevent the attack.

“About 30 minutes later, a motorcycle informed the security agents at the checkpoint that he had spotted the criminals approaching; however, only a handful of them were armed, so they fled, and the bandits attacked and set fire to three vehicles,” the source explained.

The Customs Public Relations Officer (CPRO) Isah Danbaba confirmed the incident when reached.

“Yes, there was an attack; according to the account we received, the attackers set fire to two operational vehicles and one private automobile belonging to an officer.

He futher said“One of the trucks belongs to the Nigerian Immigration Service, while the other belongs to Customs.” “As we speak, we are en route to the site to do an assessment there,” he said.

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