How To Get Rid Of Rats.

1. Peppermint leaves

The fragrance of peppermint is repulsive to rats. Put some peppermint oil in cotton balls and place them at entry points and other corners where you think these small critters might make a home. To keep them at bay, repeat every few days. And the added benefit is that your home will always smell fresh!

2. Potatoes in a flash

Sprinkle the instant potatoes powder wherever you suspect the rats will congregate. The rats will consume the powder, but the potato flakes will swell in the rodents’ intestines, eventually killing them.

3. Onions

The pungent fragrance of onions repulses not only you, but also the rats. However, because onions rot quickly and might be poisonous to dogs at home, this hack is a little problematic. Every other day, you’d need to replace the onion with a fresh one.

4. Plaster of Paris and Cocoa Powder Mixture

Simply combine dry POP with cocoa or chocolate powder and apply it in areas where rats congregate. They will hurriedly race out of your home to drink water and perish once they have consumed the concoction.

5. flakes of hot pepper

This is the most cost-effective method of preventing pests from entering your home. Pepper is a time-honored method of keeping animals away from plants. Keep the rats at bay by sprinkling pepper about the entryway and surrounding areas.

6. Garlic

Mix chopped garlic with water to make your own anti-mice mixture. Garlic cloves can also be left at your home’s entry points.

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