Kwankwaso gives reason for joining NNPP

Former Kano State governor Senator Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, has said he joined the New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP) to change the status quo.

Kwankwaso while speaking on a National Television said he is tired of old system in Nigeria.

In his words “We’re sick and tired of the old system as it’s today. That is why we’re in the NNPP to bring change. The way and manner things are happening in this country is bad. Everybody is concerned about security, the economy is not the best. All other areas of education and culture; everything is in total shambles.

“That is why myself and other like minds joined this party. There is the need to bring everybody together from North and South. We have so much division in the country, the issue of religion and ethnicity and that is our responsibility to come and mobilize people to come to this party to ensure that all the people of this country are brought together and are given equal opportunity.

“What Nigerians are saying is that in 2023, they want to see a capable president; somebody who has integrity, somebody who can do the job.

“We have passed the level of all this sentiment. Politicians, in my opinion, many of them are lazy. I’m not contesting from the North West because I’m from there; I’m contesting because I’m a Nigerian. I have worked so hard for this country; I have paid my dues as a civil servant for 17 years.

“What Nigerian are saying is that they need the best. At any given time I can assure you that me I’m not somebody who is desperate in becoming president.”

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