Russian War: Hindrance of Ukrainian seaports worsening food crisis in Africa — Enifome says

The hindrance  of Ukrainian seaports as a result of the Russian war against Ukraine has increased the food crisis in Nigeria, and other nations in Africa, a public affairs analyst, Emesakoru Enifome, has said.

The Abuja-based researcher disclosed this in a report titled, ‘Unblockade of Ukrainian seaports prevention of famine in African countries’ which was made available to journalists in Abuja.

According to him, the increasing rise in world prices for energy and basic foods, caused by Russia’s full-scale armed aggression against Ukraine, has exacerbated the global food crisis, particularly in African countries.

Enifome, therefore, confimed that unblocking of Ukrainian seaports, combined with effective security guarantees for the resumption of shipping and exports of Ukrainian agricultural products, will help resolve the global food crisis and prevent famine on the African continent.”.

He said, “Given that Ukraine is a leading exporter of agricultural products to many African countries, Russia’s blockade of Ukrainian seaports is already negatively affecting world food prices and may increase hunger in some African countries.

“Most leading international organizations are concerned about rising poverty and possible social protests in African countries due to rising food prices.

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