Gombe: Employment directorate trains 50 in goat production

No fewer than 50 persons have completed training on goat production in Gombe State under the Rural Employment Promotion Department of the National Directorate of Employment.


Addressing the beneficiaries, the Director General Abubakar Fikpo explained that three goats would be provided by the Directorate out of which two are she-goats and one he-goat, totally three goats.


He noted that previously the Directorate concentrated on fattening, adding that the loan would be paid after 30 months timeframe with four goats.


Fikpo, who was represented by the Acting State Coordinator of Gombe NDE Jediel Stephen said goat production is economically viable business venture due to it huge value chain.


According to him, the production would play important roles in the socio-economic, environmental and religious life of the farming communities, including income generation and supply of food for the local population.


He said, “Goat production is the first of its kind, you are the pioneers of this programme,this is a litmus test in 18 states of the federation. The rest will try it after your set must have successful. You are going to be given three goats, two she-goats, one he-goat, the cash components we are going to give you, will enable you buy feed the goats.


“You will rear these goats for a period of 30 months, the first six months we will not ask you to pay loan, that’s when you will expect your she-goats to start delivering, after six months the one they have delivered will be due for another delivery then we will collect one from you this will continue for a period of two years and half. By implication NDE will give you three goats but you will pay with four goats.”

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