Sonnie seen to be dating again.

Few hours ago, the petite lass, who has one child named Keliah Oyando with the media personality, posted a video that left her fans with more questions than answers and fueled rumours that she is dating.

In the clip, Sonnie is seen caressing the hands of a man who is seated on the driver’s seat of a car.

While his face is not visible, a number of social media users believe that the mysterious man is Mulamwah’s replacement since the latter reveled that he does not own a car in a past interview.

Taking to Instagram, the mother of one divulged that the comedian gate crashed her shoot with popular photographer Story Za Kapedo and that is how he got his hands on the aforementioned photos.

“Let me set the record straight. Yesterday, I was having a photo shoot with Kapedo. Few minutes into the shoot, Mulamwah showed up. He said he was there to apologize and I insisted he should do it online but he said he wanted to talk first.

“Nothing has been solved between me and Mulamwah. My irreducible minimums still stand. Apologise to your daughter, apologize to my family, apologize to your fans for misleading and for once speak the truth,” she posted.

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