Ex Imo speaker faults judgement on state finance probe

Former Speaker of Imo State House of Assembly, Godfrey Dikeocha, has disagreed with a judgement by the Supreme Court which prevents the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission from probing the finances of state governments.


He said the decision of the court would encourage corrupt practices among political office holders at the state level.


Dikeocha added that it was impossible for state Assemblies to probe the finances of their various states, calling on the National Assembly to look into the matter.


Earlier in June, the Supreme Court had ruled that the EFCC had no power to look probe the finances of states or prosecute a governor who may have allegedly embezzled from the state coffers


In the numbered SC/CR/161/2020, the Court also barred the anti-graft agency from investigating contractors of state governments or anyone deemed complicit in the alleged embezzlement of state money.


Dikeocha spoke at the launch of an anti-corruption programme, Corruption Tori season three, by Signature TV on Tuesday in Abuja.


He said, “I don’t agree with what the Supreme Court said recently that the EFCC should not look into the finances of states. I don’t think the Supreme Court was helping us with that because what you are saying is that everybody should do as he likes.

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