Firm restates commitment to support salary earners

A financial service provider company, Earnipay, has doubled down on its move to drive employee wellness through its innovative and flexible on-demand access to earned salaries by the addition of financial education products and savings opportunities, against the backdrop that salaried employees often ran out of money between paydays or were in a fix when the money they had couldn’t take care of pressing needs.


Earnipay enables employers to offer employees access to their earned salaries instantly at any time without making changes to neither their existing payment process nor any cost whatsoever. For as low as N250, it says employees are able to withdraw up to 50 per cent of their daily earned salary or as it accrues at the time of access, at any time of the month, and at no interest to them.


According to the Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Earnipay, Nonso Onwuzulike, we are ensuring salary earners have better control of their finances by developing a network of tools and an ecosystem that enables them to reduce the time to access money, and make better decisions on how they spend, save and invest.


“With Earnipay, payday is any day,” he buttressed.


He further expressed his firm’s dedication to ensuring financial wellness for all income earners in Nigeria while adding that the organisation had provided up to N100 million of flexible salary access to employees since launching in January and expected to provide their services to 200,000 employees by the end of 2022, thus positively contributing to Nigeria’s socio-economic agenda. “We are ready to go all the way with employers to improve the livelihood of their employees and ultimately facilitate a better employee-employer relationship.

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