Hoodlum attacks Bauchi lawmakers in their guest house.

Few hours after yet-to-be-identified hoodlums attempted to burn down the Bauchi State House of Assembly on Sunday, another set of hoodlums on Monday attacked the lawmakers in their guest house and smashed their cars and windows of the houses.

The hoodlums numbering about 50 invaded the guest house where the lawmakers were holding a meeting on Sir Kashim Road, a few meters away from the Government House and tried to scare them away.

One of the members who was injured in the process, Ado Wakili representing Burra Constituency in Ningi LGA said:

“We were inside having a meeting when we suddenly heard a noise and banging at the gate. As we rushed out to see what was happening, the hoodlums rushed in holding guns, cutlasses and other dangerous weapons.”

He added that “all of us scampered for safety and in the process, many of us including me were injured as you can see on my face just below my eyes. They really turned everything upside down. By the time we came out, they had smashed all our cars and the windows of the house.”

Another member of the House, Kawuwa Shehu Damina:

“in a situation like this, violence cannot solve the problem, it will only aggravate it. All that is required is for us to sit down and dialogue in order to have a solution to the problem. It is simply a misunderstanding among members of the House.”

Corroborating the member, the security guard of the guest house told journalists that the hoodlums alighted from motorcycles as if they were going for a war holding different dangerous weapons, saying, “We all had to run for our dear lives. That was how they gained entrance into the building and did the damage.”

Reacting to the development, the Special Adviser to the Bauchi State Governor on State and National Assembly Liaison, Sani Muhammad Burra dissociated himself and the Executive arm from the attack.

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