How police, latsma extorts motorists in Lagos community

A group of police officers and men of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority have been caught in an extortion scheme using the traffic light at the Isheri-Berger area of Lagos State.

Newsmen after receiving a series of complaints from motorists, who had fallen victims to the law enforcement agents, went to the community on Tuesday, June 28, and observed as car owners were stopped on the pretext of violating a traffic rule.

Newsmen disguising as a hawker with a bag of popcorn and nose masks on his shoulder, watched for over four hours as the syndicate operated.

The group mainly exploits motorists seeking to connect from the Berger-Isheri Road to the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, using the old traffic light.

This reporter notes that the green arrow of the traffic light runs for about 20 seconds before indicating the amber and the red light.

However, it does not do countdowns.

Motorists, who leave the waiting lane between 17th and 19th seconds, when the green light is still on, are arrested as soon as they get to the road linking the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway.

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