Omolocal laments bitterly in a bank branch over her missing money.

A video of Yoruba actress Victoria Ajibola aka Omolocal lamenting bitterly in a bank branch over her missing money has stirred up reactions on social media.

Omolocal in her statement revealed that the bank has been nonchalant about her predicament and even called security on her.

Ajibola added that she has never taken more than N150k in a day from her account and N1m just disappeared within thirty minutes.

The actress shared a video of the moment she went to her bank to complain about the fraud and she was told nothing can be done from their end.

She lamented over the fact that she has never collected such a huge sum at once from her account and N1m was wiped in just thirty minutes with reference to a POS machine.

Omolocal added that she doesn’t collect beyond N150k daily for herself and because she has been recording in the bank, the police have been called to kick her out.

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