Owo Killing: Akeredolu urges people to implore self defense.

Ondo state Governor, Rotimi Akeredolu, says he shares the sentiment of Zamfara State counterpart Bello Matawalle over his position on self-defence.

It would be recalled that Matawalle had implored the residents of Zamfara to arm and defend themselves against terrorists, charging the people of his state to fend off those attacking them.

Speaking on a National Television on Monday, Akeredolu asked people of the state to fight back when attacked.

He said:

“We have called on our traditional rulers that we must all be ready to rise up to defend our land and defend our people. What I really mean by that is that, you can’t fold your hands and say people (attackers) are coming and you are running away.

“No. If they bring a fight to you, fight them back. There is no room to run away from it. That was why when I heard my brother in Zamfara, who said people should carry arms and license people to carry arms, it might be to some a bit of extreme measure, but when you are pushed to the wall, there is nothing else you can say.

“So, what we have learnt is that our people cannot afford to stay back or lay back as if you are lazy people. We are not lazy; we are indomitable people in spirit and everything and nobody can dominate us. So, when we believe that and strongly act that, fight these people back. If they come, push them (back) inside the forest and leave. Whosoever has the higher (sic) arm will survive.”

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