Sandra Edoho celebrates husband at 50.

Sandra Edoho shared a video that captured beautiful moments between herself, her husband and her children, accompanied by a message expressing her happiness on her husband’s day.

She reveals that she is in awe of her husband’s kindness and fierce loyalty that has not waned over the years.

She wrote an extensive note on Instagram to commend her husband’s generosity, loyalty, commitment and mindfulness.

She wrote: “Happy 50th Birthday, Love Of My Life.

A post cannot begin to tell how much I truly feel about you. Words cannot describe accurately.

I am in awe of your kindness, and your fierce loyalty to me.

You changed my life completely, with your wisdom and intelligence. You continue to pour value into my life. You are so beautiful in your ways.

Your kindness, Generosity, Loyalty, Commitment and Mindfulness makes you a husband & a father that I cannot live without, that we cannot live without.

I am forever thankful for you and honoured that you are my soul mate.

Happy Happy Birthday Frank Effanga Edoho @frankedoho”

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