KADUNA: How terrorism forced our womenfolk into prostitution says Adara youth leader

Rampants attacks by different groups of terrorists on communities in Kachia Local Government area of Kaduna State have in recent times; deprived many local families of their male bread winners; thus forcing the local girls and women into prostitution to survive.

According to a local, farming which is the major occupation in the localities is no longer attractive because the terrorists often launch attacks on   farms where they kill the innocent farmers or kidnap them for ransom.

Narrating the story, the Adara youth leader of Kachia Local Government Area , Mr. Onamza John Danzaki has narrated the awful conditions Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) were facing in the communities   due to continued   killings and kidnapping of the natives by blood thirsty gunmen.

According to Danzaki , most of the breadwinners are held hostage and others killed by terrorists, therefore, some of the surviving female members of the families have been forced into prostitution as the last option to cater for themselves since assistance was allegedly, not coming from the authorities.

Speaking when officials   of Southern Kaduna People’s Union (SOKAPU) distributed relief materials on Friday to natives of 36 Adara communities in Kachia Local Government Area (LGA) who were recently displaced by armed herdsmen attacks, Danzaki explained that “when these attacks started forcing our people out of their villages, those who escaped to Kachia and had nowhere to stay, used the empty hostels of Government Day Secondary School, Kachia.”

“The Principal was kind enough to allow them into the unused hostels.

Let me be frank with you,some of our girls have been forced into prostitution just to get something for their families. Even some married women who have been pushed to the last, sleep around to provide food for their families.

“What else can the men do? Even menial jobs are hotly competed for. No place to go and farm. Nothing to do. Today, there are over 80 hostages with the invaders and they are demanding for huge amounts of money from us before they free them. They are mainly women and children.

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