Letter to Prince Shuaib Abubakar

l am writing this open letter to you as a brother and a friend, mentored politically by your late father, the late Prince Abubakar Audu of blessed memory.

Recent speculations abound in the state of your intention to, again, embark on another political office chase. As timely as it is and I believe it is your right to contest for any office of your choice because I believe you are one of those eminently qualified to contest for even the highest office in our state. My brother, you earned the right because you have undergone the tutelage under a very unique political dynasty: The Audu political dynasty.

I am also writing this open letter to you reminding you that with rights comes also an obligation and that is one of the lessons we learnt from your late father during our mentorship: According respect to whom it is due no matter our ambitions and always act as we are family.

I am writing also because I am one of those who were jarred and transfixed with the death of your great father, our mentor. I would tell you that I am now obsessed with Kogi state politics, the people who occupy offices, their strength and weaknesses, what made them succeed and others failed and most importantly, those who surround them, giving them advice.

I have, for sometime now, been very observant and very curious clearly about some unexplained actions recently. Two things I unapologetically observe clearly are; how you feel lonely not having a father by your side, especially now in your political life that you need his advice to succeed, and trust, candour and care which are rare today.

Secondly, I want to remind you of also a very important lesson we learn from your father our leader. He had always observed that whatever success he achieved in his life was made possible by true friendships and relationships he had forged over the years.

My open letter to you on this subject came from a my curiosity to ask you if you have any political friend in your life as trusted as your father’s political friends under the leadership of Hon. Aboidun Faleke?

It is not clear to me you do and if you do I am worried and concerned. Concerned because I have seen so many gaggle of persons around you masquerading as friends and your political allies and I don’t think they are because I have come to the understanding that you have forgotten your father’s lesson on understanding the value and importance of a true friendship.

I want to remind you that friendship is not a frivolous indulgence but an imperative.

I would put it to you straight this way because of my admiration for you as a person. There is no price on a friendship. You have failed this time to explore and understand the value of the person of Hon Faleke otherwise you would have been exploring the true value of your father’s friendship with him.

Their friendship built over years and sustained even beyond politics is therefore there for you to sustain and explore and I believe this would be a driving vitality to make your dreams politically and otherwise come through.

This advice, you can take to the bank.

I say Falake because he and your father are two rare individuals who crossed into each other’s path and both spheres, part of a genuine friendship that was described as unusual at the highest levels of politics. It is now generally expected that after the demise of your father, the relationship between you both would be close as family, as it can be without blood, and it is expected that it may be with blood by osmosis after all the time your both families have spent together, next to each other. We all know and it was never a secret that your families relationship and friendship transcended politics into love.

I, at this juncture, also want to remind you that we, your father’s political family, are now yours and Faleke’s and we value and treasure this relationship that serves political rewards and risks for both families and we want you to at this time avoid any moves that can disintegrate this legacy of your father built over years that surpassed politics.

In Faleke, you readily have a political father figure because your father’s friend is your friend and political ally. Faleke’s actions since the death of your father has been perfect and reflects positively on you, far more the actions of any other, including your friends hanging around you because of what they can get (no insults intended).

Do not allow this family ties to be under a microscope because we expect any political moves you have towards 2024 elections in Kogi state to emerge from your consultation with Hon. Faleke and please, humbly submit to him politically.

This is because, think of it, how would you balance your interest and that of Hon. Faleke’s politically in Kogi state if it inevitably conflicts? Would your father’s legacy always be seen through a what-does-it-mean-from-your prism?.

Listen to this voice of reason by dialoguing with your father’s true political ally and confidant so trusted by him that he can write even his bedroom memoirs because that is how close they are and you can be too. This gesture would serve as a big pay back to the Faleke’s and shows this is the way that the Audu’s family operate mentality.

I can assure you that nobody has ever asserted there was anything nefarious or conspiracy about your both families bonded relationships and that is why we appeal all must be done right to keep Audu’s legacy going because the alliance have been mutually beneficial to all of us. Assuring you that this legacy of your father (his political family) is our collective pride.

Assuring you of my greatest respect and loyalty because we shall preveil.

– Musa Wada, the author of ‘Audu Where Are You’, writes from Abuja.

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