Most actors have fame not money – Adesanya

Popular actress, Ayo Adesanya, has said that many actors in the country only have fame and not fortune.


Speaking during an interview on the ‘Memoir of a Naija Girl’ podcast, the actress said, “Many people have the notion that because Nollywood is big, practitioners are well paid. But, how much do we earn? We have fame, but we don’t make money. However, it is left for the actor to use that fame to get money, through brand endorsements and other avenues.”


Adesanya also noted that being a celebrity could be lonely. She said, “It is very lonely being a celebrity, contrary to what people think. People think that as a celebrity, one has the whole world at one’s feet. It is actually very lonely. People assume that a celeb’s life is all rosy and lively. However, everything boils down to the individual and how they want to live their lives, so that it doesn’t become lonely and boring.

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