Kuje: FG threatens sanctions, Ghana Immigration alerts personnel

The Federal Government has said any official found guilty of complicity in the recent jail break in the Kuje Medium Custodial Centre, Abuja, would be dealt with appropriately.

The media aide to the Minister of Interior, Sola Fasure, said this in an interview with The PUNCH on Monday amid allegations of complicity among officials of the correctional centre, leading to the incident.

Terrorists had attacked the facility on Tuesday, July 5 and freed 879 inmates, including those linked with terrorism, with 443 recaptured so far.

Asked if heads would roll following the allegations of complicity among personnel of the service, Fasure said, “The minister has ordered that a thorough investigation should be conducted and if any complicity is established, appropriate actions should be taken.”

The Ghana Immigration Service has directed its personnel to put in place strict measures that would prevent fleeing inmates from entering into the country.

In a leaked memo signed by Laud Affrifah on behalf of the Comptroller-General of the service on July 8, the service ordered its personnel to intensify patrols to stop and intercept all escapees at the country’s borders.

Security experts who spoke with The PUNCH said with the development, the Ghana Immigration Service had shown that it is more proactive than Nigerian security agencies.

The memo read, “Nigeria recorded yet another jail break at the Kuje Maximum Security Prison in Abuja on Wednesday night, July 6, 2022. Official reports indicated at least 443 out of 879 inmates that escaped as a result of the break are still on the run.

“It is believed that the jihadist group, Boko Haram, is behind the attack which saw the use of high end explosives and guns that freed all 64 Boko Haram linked inmates at the prison and are among the escapees who are still on the run.

“Considering current migration trends of Nigerians within the sub-region, it is likely most of the escapees will attempt to enter Ghana through both approved and unapproved routes.

“In view of the above, I am directed to inform you to institute stringent measures at all points of entry and intensify patrols to deter and intercept all escapees who will attempt to infiltrate the country.”

Speaking on the directives, a security expert, Timothy Avele, described the directives by the Ghana Immigration Service as a preventive measure against the migration of the fleeing inmates into its territory.

“Of course that’s the best cause of action, unlike we (Nigeria) that allows anybody to come in through our borders by compromised border control officials and it becomes a security risk.

“The truth is most terrorists find Nigeria to be the safest country for their evil operations. It is best to be on the safe side when it comes to terrorism matter,” Avele said.

A former Director, Department of State Services, Mike Ejiofor, said such a directive would not have been necessary if Nigeria had done the needful to avert the attack on the custodial centre.

He said, “What an effrontery! Nobody should blame them. If we had put our acts together there would be no need for this.

“It is not unlikely that some of our inmates here can escape to Ghana but we don’t share borders with them. I don’t know why they are issuing such directives.”

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