Patrick Utomi says he’s happy to have stepped down for Peter Obi.

Professor of political economics and member of the Labour Party (LP), Patrick Utomi has said that his decision to step down for Peter Obi as the presidential candidate of the party was a choice he believed would save Nigeria from economic disaster come 2023.

Utomi expressed this viewpoint on a National Television.

“I expected this to happen. It was not a wide choice, it was a deliberate thing,” he said.

“Just think of my politics. Look at Nigeria’s history and look at the role I have played. Ethnicity has never been a part of my politics.” he added.

“Yes, I came into public view in a broader sense during the Shagari administration, but one of the things that drew me into public consciousness was the June 12 crisis,” he said, emphasising the point that his choice to step down for Obi was the right choice despite opposition from some party leaders.

“I mean, I am not a Yoruba man, but I learned the charge in many ways during that great struggle in Nigeria. It is because there is a practical sense in my politics for what is right, what is fair, and what advances the common good of all,” he added, making reference to events that happened in the past that shaped his political ideologies.

“In looking at the way political parties are structured, and again, I am a social scientist by education and by passion. Understanding in a systematic way – man in society is my calling. ”

“I have been close to the founding of political parties. I was around since I was very close to Alex Ekwueme. As concerned professionals, we decided not to go into politics in 1998, but I was around with Ekwueme at meetings, so I was there at the founding of the PDP. I was there at their founding and found out that the PDP was not going to take Nigeria where it should go. ”

“I was there at the founding of the APC and then I saw that it was a disaster in the making,” he continued with his view on how disappointed he is with the two major political parties in the country. Unfortunately, according to DMO, the country’s debt-to-GDP ratio for the first quarter of 2022 rose to 23.27 percent, a situation made worse by the major political parties’ reckless economic policies.

“Then I began to ask myself why? What is going on? And my social scientist brain in examining things came to a simple conclusion—you know, in structured economics, there is a paradigm called the Structured Conduct Performance Paradigm (SCPP),” he added.

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