IPOB dissociates itself from Peter Obi.

Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has dissociated itself from Labour Party candidate, Peter Obi, saying its members will never participate in any election in ‘Zoological Republic”, a reference to Nigeria.

IPOB in a statement by its Media and Publicity Secretary, Emma Powerful said Gumi got it wrong.

Emma Powerful said Gumi was uninformed and had shown “cluelessness” about the IPOB movement and its activities.

“IPOB does not engage with any shambolic selection process they call ‘Nigeria election’ and we are not interested in their fraudulent ways of selecting the president of Nigeria because we do not believe in Nigeria anymore.

“We have said it before now that IPOB does not know Peter Obi and Peter Obi does not know IPOB.

“If Peter Obi knows IPOB, its aims and objectives, he wouldn’t have come out in the first place to contest to waste his wealth and vast knowledge, talent and wisdom endowed with experience which God Almighty gave and blessed Biafrans with, in the Zoological Republic.

“Therefore, for Peter Obi to have come out to contest for Nigeria president is an indication that he is not on the same page with IPOB and people should not equate him with IPOB agenda, they can say any other thing about him, not Biafra agitation.

“We can never slow down agitation until Biafra comes. Any Biafran who comes out and joins the election process under Nigeria has publicly proven that he or she is not in the same ideology with IPOB.”

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