Maduagwu says Peter Obi at the 2023 presidential poll may affect PDP in the election.

The former speaker of the Imo State House of Assembly, Nnaemeka Maduagwu, revealed how the presence of Peter Obi at the 2023 presidential poll may affect the chances of the PDP in the election.

Addressing the topic, Maduagwu said, “It would be dishonest if I say I do not see a threat with Peter Obi’s emergence as a presidential candidate.” I think the PDP would have been stronger if Peter Obi had stayed in our party. Peter Obi is a gentle man that I respect, and every major leader that leaves the party takes a chunk of supporters with him. Peter Obi had significant support, as we can see.

“I would not say that the party regrets, as the party did not ask him to leave.” He made his choice before the presidential primaries of the PDP. Perhaps he analysed his chances and interests before leaving. He has not accused the party of anything. We definitely would have been happier if he had remained with us in the PDP.

Maduagwu also expressed concern that the PDP was denied access to public facilities in Osun state for its mega rally.

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