Magaji reveals his role in urging Kenneth Okonkwo to leave the APC.

Former Commissioner for Works in Kano State, Dr. Muazu Magaji, has revealed his role in urging his friend and Nigerian actor, Kenneth Okonkwo, to leave the APC.

Speaking on National Television, the PDP member shared details of his experience when he was in the APC.

“The APC has found itself in a very difficult situation which some of us in the PDP had hoped for.” Tinubu will have to decide if his calculation of winning the election warrants picking a fellow Muslim from the north, and from what part of the north. I honestly think this decision has an implication both ways. Nigerian Christian citizens have the right to feel aggrieved and marginalized. I heard that my very good friend, Kenneth Okonkwo, came here. He also recently left the APC. I was telling Kenneth to leave the APC, as the party had expired. He finally decided to leave the party.

He continued, “I respect Tinubu greatly because of what he has done in Lagos State.” Part of the reason we joined the APC was because we saw it as a progressive platform that could bring the same dynamics to Nigeria. However, it is not a one-man game. The APC lacks the capacity to govern this country very well. I have been to that party, and I know the people. They lack an agenda and a vision. The APC has a challenge, and the PDP has an opportunity, but we have to watch out for the other parties that are coming behind us.

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