Umahi says he is still sad with the outcome APC presidential primaries.

Ebonyi State Governor, Mr. Dave Umahi, yesterday, reiterated that he was still sad with the outcome of the presidential primaries of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) that produced Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Atiku Abubakar respectively.

Speaking in Abakaliki when he received members of the Ebonyi State founding fathers, the governor expressed displeasure over the roles of the people of South-east during the primaries, explaining that their roles raised a question mark on the sincerity of their agitation for a President of South-east extraction.

Umahi was quoted by his spokesman, Francis Nwaze as saying:

“My heart is saddened by the outcome of the APC and PDP presidential primaries because when we were saying that we are clamouring for South-east president and it was time to demonstrate it, the South-east people couldn’t demonstrate it, so, it caused a lot of doubts on the sincerity of South-east on their quest but if not for anything else, I have achieved a state with proven character and content, we must be very proud of ourselves and we know that in God’s time, it will come to pass.

“My defection to All Progressives Congress, APC, was in the interest of the state and South-east in general but it was misjudged because if our people had taken my reasons seriously, probably, we would have been differently treated especially in the party that we have invested so much in since 1999.”

But at the end of the day, I became a prophet because all I predicted came to pass.”

Umahi expressed satisfaction with the roles of the Ebonyi State delegates during the just concluded APC presidential convention, explaining that it is an indication that Ebonyians were people of character and content.

“Let me inform you that we are going to have an elaborate celebration of Ebonyi at 26 years in October, that should be my last by God’s grace and the founding fathers will play a cardinal role during the celebration.

“In the rotation of the governor position in the state, if the North has gone, the central has gone and the South, it is equitably correct for it to go back to the North. So, within my 9 to 10 months as the governor, I want the founding fathers to discover their feats and play their roles. The founding fathers are expected to come in between the line to even resolve communities’ bad bloods.

“The founding fathers should up their game in the making of the next governor of the state. When it was decision time on who becomes the next governor, some people believed that it should be retained in Ebonyi South, you were there when I publicly declared that nobody from the South is expected to contest for the position of the next governor and so, I have to set up a committee.

“The committee went round and came back and say that the next rotation should start from the north and I stood by that. I expect that the founding fathers will play another significant role in maintaining equity, justice, and fairness.

“I expect you all to be vocal about equity, fairness, and justice for the peace of the state. What is just is for the north to start the second circle, after the north, the central, and then the south. So, I charge you to begin to draw the charter of equity now. People will say that it is a charter of equity written in the heart, but we are alive, and I will support you to do justice to that. I have demonstrated equity, fairness, and justice to the task, leverage on that, and be vocal about it. I will not want the south or central to make the mistake that will hunt them tomorrow.”

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